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Even After 3D Render Viewing, Make Sure That You View the Building in Person

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17:00 PM

Would you decide to buy a property only after viewing the 3D rendering design? Now, while you might know better and would answer “absolutely not” to that question, there are some people who sign on the dotted line after just the 3D render, and then live to regret it. Here is why you should always make sure that you view the building in person even after 3D render viewing.

Signs of Damp

The main things that you should be looking out for are signs of damp that can make the walls look mouldy, flaky, and watermarked. These things don’t get highlighted in 3D renderings, so you have to personally visit the house to look closely.

Building Structure

You should look for big and small cracks around the house. A 3D render viewing is great, but it will not give you a complete picture of the home you’re looking to buy. Look around the extension joints, terrace walls, and windows. If you find out these issues now, you can inquire about it with the homeowner instead of running around for fixtures later.

Storage Space

Sometimes, 3D renderings depict a false picture of storage and space. Make sure that you visit the property to check whether the storage space is enough for you and your family. Don’t be shy about carrying measurement tools with you. Make sure that there is enough space for all of your stuff because, after all, the home you buy should be able to accommodate you.

The Location

The location of the house is very important. You can’t always get an exact idea through 3D rendering, no matter how detailed it is. It is essential for you to personally visit the area and check out the location. You should also see what kind of neighbourhood it is to get an idea of the kind of people you’ll be seeing regularly.

How Old Is the Roof

Replacing the roof can be very expensive, especially if your house is old. The owner might have refurbished the home on the inside, but what about the roof maintenance? If the house has a flat roof, check out what type of material is used in its construction. Also, look out for cracks and mould on the roof.

Check the Plumbing

This is a very important part of house viewing. A 3D render viewing might not give you an idea about the plumbing issues in the house (if any). So make sure that you always visit the property to check if the plumbing is working fine. Plus, ask the owner whether the pipes are insulated and ensure that they are not made of lead as they will have to be replaced if they are.

It is always better to view the house in person, even after a detailed 3D render viewing. Sometimes, you get to see the actual image only when you see it for yourself in person. Please visit our website if you require any further information regarding 3D rendering.